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Donnafugata: un profondo amore per la propria terra
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I’ve always wondered: why do people ask for VIP autographs? Why so much effort to get a picture with a famous character?


I was about ten years old when I asked myself this kind of question for the first time. I was in Trigoria. Precisely in front of the gates of the “Fulvio Bernardini”: the sports centre where the Roma soccer team trained (and still trains). Team of which I’m a fan, as you know. And club which, for a few years, I was crazy for.


I was not aware of it yet, but the passion for soccer (besides that for good drinking and good eating), would have accompanied me for decades. But this is a whole other story. Let’s go back to Trigoria and to the moment when, surrounded by a bunch of classmates, I was waiting for the players to leave the main entrance. The soccer players, after training, went on board their off-limits and tried to reach home. First, however, they had to face a kind of human tide, regardless of everything, even of the cars passing by, that would do anything to take away the signature of the most beloved player. Even the last reserve’s one…


I was a few steps behind and I watched them. Almost open-mouthed.

Not because I care less, in fact. Or I felt so different, mind you. In the end, I had reached Trigoria just to see my idols. I just did not understand that strange craving, and to be honest, it also scared me a little.


I reached the answer only a few years later. And through an epiphany, an enlightenment. One of those electrocutions that make you almost want to look up and thank as many gods as you know.


You cannot remember an actor’s name? Boom. Suddenly you remember who he was.

And that tune that has played on your mind for days and of which you just cannot recover the title? Here it is, beautifully it comes to your head in the middle of a roundabout.


People ask for autographs and photos because they want to share.


People want to prove to relatives and friends, and probably especially to themselves, that those characters that most of the time are seen on a screen (cathode first, ultra-flat now) dedicated a minute of their time.


Everybody does more or less like that, isn’t it? Aren’t we always looking for sharing? With friends, relatives, our loves? At concerts, at the theatre, at the cinema? By exchanging books, disks (once), YouTube or Spotify links?


This is also the reason why I decided to embark on the new adventure of “You come down from the Stars”.


The reason is clear: I ate in almost 70% of the world’s three Michelin Star restaurants. The time has come to think… about the future.


As I have already written in a previous blog (which you can trace by clicking on a link a few lines higher), I increasingly need you.

I need, as I have already explained, that each of you becomes a real guide.


All you have to do is point out, through my various Social channels and this Facebook group, the non-starred restaurants that, in your opinion, are worth visiting. It does not matter if they are in Italy or abroad. You know: I can go anywhere.

Write me only the names, the places where they are, the chefs who direct them and what kind of cuisine they propose.


Then it will be up to me. And to my editorial office.

We will evaluate each type of opinion, select the options that will seem more interesting and then draw a real map of the places you have reported.


By the way, all the most interesting reports will be the theme of the broadcasts that will see me as the protagonist on RadioRock 106.6. In fact, a few weeks ago, thanks to the availability of the artistic director Emilio Pappagallo, I started a collaboration that will see me discuss my travels, in the morning, during the RockShow with Alessandro Tirocchi and Maurizio Paniconi.


I cannot wait to get back on the road.


Just a few days in the summer, to relax and then … back on track guys!


You and me. As always.


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