“You come down from the Stars”, the new challenge of our Man …

Aroma, Di Iorio: “Il Colosseo è una sfida continua e una fonte d’ispirazione”
“Tu scendi dalle Stelle”, la nuova sfida del nostro Uomo…


I love challenges.


I continuously research them. Even when it seems that there is no right reason. Even when it seems there is no real need.

It’s incredible how I can easily get bored. And the truth is that I’m not a “self-powered” guy. Let me explain better: often, in fact, I remain a victim of my thoughts. Of my soliloquies. Of which I expose only the final part to my bystanders. Risking to compromise the conversation and therefore also the total comprehension of my thought. Especially if I deny the people I’m talking to, the initial reasoning. The causes, the reasons that caused it to arise.

I cannot handle myself. I cannot be content. Above all, I do not know how to track inside me, everything I need to launch myself into a new adventure.

I have a continuous need for stimuli, goals to be achieved, goals to be identified and then cut. Either with the smile or with the face turned upside down by the fatigue and sweat of those who managed to get to the end of a route, it does not matter.

What really matters is having new challenges to complete. Achieve one and already have a pair of new ones to worry about.

How wonderful, don’t you think?

What would we be without the desire to hit the red dot in the center of the target?

Little or nothing.

Here, that’s why I am here writing to you. Today more than ever, I need your help. At the bottom of my figure, my whole adventure, every single metre of my road trip, would not make sense if you were not there. Nobody, in fact, would read my stories, nobody would comment on my posts, no one would check my errors, typos, oversights. And, therefore, nobody would push me to improve myself. To do otherwise. To grow. To go, with joy and satisfaction, far beyond my limits.

If you have noticed, for some time now, I have reduced my visits to the three-star Michelin’s restaurants. The motivation is not to be found neither in tiredness nor in boredom. I would talk about curiosity: the desire to discover what is missing from the one and two-starred premises, to arrive to the top of excellent restaurants.

And just by doing this kind of “path”, I had an idea in order to make the next months that we’ll spend together much more stimulating.

The new “project” will be called: You come down from the Stars.

I’d like you to turn into my publisher. Rather: I would like you to become my new Michelin Guide.

Reporting me, through my various Social channels and a Facebook group (which I’m creating for the occasion) all the restaurants not starred that, in your opinion, are worth visiting. They can be in Italy or abroad, it doesn’t matter. Give me names, locations, chefs, type of cuisine and above all explain us why we should eat there. What kind of experience should I prepare to live.

The most interesting reports will become a blog, but will also be the theme of the broadcasts on RadioRock 106.6, where I will be the protagonist. In fact, a few weeks ago, thanks to the artistic director Emilio Pappagallo, I started a new collaboration in the morning, where I will talk about my travels, during the RockShow with Alessandro Tirocchi and Maurizio Paniconi.

Stick close to our community: every passage of mine will be widely communicated and anticipated.

Ready? The Man of the Stars is ready to come down from the Stars. Without you, however, it is difficult for me.

Come on, get my feet back on the ground!

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